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Regardless of the location you pick, where there are surfers, there are regional influences.  Skip Frye in San Diego, Dora at Malibu, Lopez on the North Shore.  In areas with prolific histories, there are likely several.

Santa Barbara is just such a town.  While Rennie Yater and Tom Curren are common options from the area, George Greenough has had the deepest influence on my development.  Without ever having met him in person, he has contributed to my boards, the fins in those boards, my surfmat, my boat, my swim fins, my favorite surf films – likely even my disdain for shoes.  The people who shape my boards and create my favorite art cite him as early influences.

If you are from the area and do anything related to the ocean, he has touched it.  And all of this from a guy who has only been back a handful of times since he departed in search of empty waves on a boat he built in his backyard.

With that we commence the Crystal Voyager blog.  General subjects will cover the life aquatic on the south coast of Santa Barbara.

What does surfing mean to people in the area?  Who knows.  Perhaps we’ll find out.

Here we go.